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5 Car Noises That Require Immediate Attention

Car Noise Mechanic

Your car has several moving parts within them. Most cars today are less noisy when compared to cars from yesteryears. These parts which are usually in constant motion, especially around the engine and wheels make their distinct sounds. Occasionally, when there is a fault with any of the parts, a different noise is usually the diagnostic feature. 

Different parts develop different kinds of noise when there is a fault. A change in sound could be an indication of a minor problem like a belt slack, or a major problem that might require a complete engine overhaul. Listening to the noise, trained ears can identify possible problems with the car. While we may not all have the trained ears to identify car problems based on the sound, here are 5 Car sounds that require immediate action, for your safety and preservation of your car. 


1. Hissing:

Engine soundThe hissing sound coming from your engine could be an indication of several problems. Generally, it is the sound of fluid leaking or a punctured vacuum in the engine. Engine overheating is also a possibility. When you hear this sound, look for a convenient place to park fast, then open your bonnet and try to locate the source of the noise. If you see steam coming from the radiator, your engine is overheating, allow it to cool down. Whatever the cause of the noise, if you are at loss on what to do, call a professional to help you out. 



2. Squealing:

Squealing soundSquealing sounds are indicators of a minor problem but might become larger if not treated on time. Squealing noise usually comes up from weak belts. Belts drive several systems like the alternator, air conditioning, power steering pump, and so on. These belts may become weak, stretched, or cracked, and begin to make noise when it does. If the belts are not quickly replaced, then they can snap at any time, leaving you stranded. 




3. Noise from the transmission

Noise Transmission
Cross section of car gearbox.

Noise from the transmission could potentially be a serious issue. In a manual transmission, the weird sound that comes from shifting gears is an indication that your clutch may be problematic and needs to be fixed. In an automatic transmission, you may experience a jerky movement, against a grinding sound with the manual. You would need to fix your shift linkage in automatic or clutch in the manual transmission. 




4. Steering wheel noise:

Steering wheel noiseMost modern cars have power steering. The power steering is powered by a pump in the engine. The engine powers the pump through belts. Whenever a whirring sound comes up, it’s an indication that the power steering fluid may be running low, and needs to be filled up. 




5. Screeching brakes:

Screeching Brake NoiseScreeching brakes come up when the brake pads are worn-out. Replacing it is needed to avoid brake failure. 





Do not ignore any strange noise coming from your vehicle; no matter how insignificant it may seem. Every noise should be taken care of and fixed before long.


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