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6 Things You Need To Avoid While Driving

Though many people do it every day and may find it easy, driving can be a complicated business. Every year, thousands of people die and suffer severe injuries while travelling in a vehicle. However, many people do not pay attention to what they are doing or what is going around them because of which they get engaged in a number of dangerous activities.

Driving requires the coordination of a lot of different information at once. For every driver, it is important to watch the road, access the situation, judge the distance, abide by traffic rules, and drive with appropriate speed to avoid any trouble. Even if you’re a pro at driving, it takes just a millisecond to lose one’s life. Below are 6 things you should avoid while driving.

1. Mobile usage:

using phone while driving

Do not talk and drive at the same time! Using your cell phones is the worst decision you’ll ever make while driving. It can get you and others on the road into some serious trouble. Many people in the world lost their lives and caught into an accident while being on their phones. It is so dangerous that many countries have strictly prohibited drivers from using cell phones. You don’t want to catch up in the accident while just checking your friend’s WhatsApp status, or you do not want to strike hit another car while having an emotional conversation with anyone, right? Remember that your cell phone is the biggest distraction which can lead you to serious consequences. It is re commended that if need be to use your mobile phone, park your car properly before using it. This is for the safety of yourself and others.

2. Driving under the influence:

drinking while driving

Driving under the influence is the most common reason for accidents worldwide. Each year, a surprising number of people lost the battle of their life when they are driving while being drunk. Drunk drivers cause the majority of traffic-related deaths. Sadly, many people still don’t get how dangerous it is. Alcohol affects your judgment and motor skills. If you are in a situation where you have to reach somewhere, then do not drink. If you do drink, have someone drive you home safely in a cab or a taxi.

3. Speeding:

Speeding while driving

After drunk driving, speeding is the second main reason for traffic deaths worldwide. Most truck and car accidents occur at high speeds which is why it is a major cause of deadly road injuries. Exceeding the speed limit is the usual thing for many drivers. It’s illegal behavior that massively upsurges the risk of losing control over a vehicle and ultimately cause an accident. Things are more under control when everyone maintains the general speed on the given roadway. Nigeria recently launched speed limit devices to stop the rampant accidents on the road. Click here to learn more.

4. Playing Loud Music:

6 Things You Need To Avoid While Driving

Playing loud music while driving is not a good idea at all. Though you may feel good listening to music while driving, you cannot ignore the fact that it doesn’t let you focus properly on the road. What if someone is honking because your speed is too low? Or what if there is an ambulance behind you waiting for you to move your car? Loud music in your car will cut your communication from the world. Moreover, playing loud music will distract you from the road and chance are due to less focus you’ll end up getting into any collision.

5. Getting distracted by children:

6 Things You Need To Avoid While Driving

Every parent knows that their kids tend to become unruly in the car. Maybe because they know that their parents are not watching them and cannot discipline them as they are driving the vehicle. However, if you are disciplining your kids while being behind the wheels, then it can create a risky scenario. You will be diverted from the road, and all your attention will be on your kids. The best way is to pull over, sort out behavioral issues, and then continue driving. Another way is to just let them do what they are doing and correct them after you reach your destination.

6. Applying makeup:

making up while driving

Last but not least! We all know that ladies tend to apply makeup while they are driving. Doing such activity can take away all your attention from the road while you are supposed to be driving. Be it an eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, or any other makeup item, applying it while driving is not a good idea. Sure, you can get ready in your car only when you are not driving, but when you are on the steering seat, avoid any activity that can distract you.

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