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Today, I feel a bit emotional. Seeing our company name on Forbes.com (@forbes ) in a special article today brought back memories of my stubbornness, of Jesse’s encouragement, of mummy’s prayers, and of our collective resolve to do something that the world would someday take note of.


I’m reminded of how I dropped out of school for a whole year to found @MyAutosparkle (with @Jesse_Onomiwo who also sacrificed his NYSC and had to serve another year); How I returned to the university and the one who approved my letter of deferment ended up denying ever knowing anything about it. I was told to my face that I had lost my studentship. All my mates were now a year ahead of me. And there I was busy trying to get back in because I had promised mum I was gonna return to school if Autosparkle failed.


Long story short, @MyAutosparkle failed more than 8 times! It was on the 3rd occasion of failure I returned to the university to resume as a 400L student having left the university at the end of 300L. Well, I got lucky after 3 months of crying and praying. The university senate did send me a welcome-back letter and I eventually graduated.


Well, @Jesse_Onomiwo and I now have more than four thriving businesses and some of the best staff any business owner could ever ask for. AND NOW, almighty @Forbes is calling us to someplace higher. This brought me to tears!


You can be a small part of our success story by just CLICKING THE LINK IN MY BIO NOW to vote Autosparkle to be part of 10 businesses that will qualify to showcase their products, pitch their companies, and get global exposure for their brands in the first ever Forbes Digital Startup Accelerator for Nigerian-owned businesses.


Thank YOU!


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