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All about the new Mercedes EQS EV

The luxury German brand has released the new Mercedes EQS EV (electric vehicle) and it is nothing short of a wonder. It was released in two drivetrain options: the EQS450+ which is a rear-wheel-drive trim, producing 329 hp. The other is the EQS580 4Matic, a 516 hp all-wheel-drive electric vehicle. 

With the German automakers, we can say the best is always saved for the last. Despite their late arrival at the party, they have designed this EV so well that it becomes a fair match to the all-powerful Tesla. 

Photo by Cédric Streit on Unsplash


The EQS450+ is estimated to move from 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds and the EQS580 4Matic is estimated to do that in 4.1 seconds. The two trims of the EQS rides on an adaptive air suspension. 


To show the efficiency of the aerodynamics and the power train, the EV has an average of 15.8kwh for 100 kilometers at German autobahn speed; around 130km/hr.


To achieve at least a 300-mile range, they are both powered by a large 107.8kwh battery. The battery is estimated to charge from 10%-100% in about 11 hours using a 240V electric source. 


As expected of the luxury brand, the interior is decorated with lush and fanciful amenities. Interior ambient lighting, headrest pillows in front, and the rear seats. The executive back seats come with massage functions, individual tablets to control the infotainment system, head, and neck heating functions. 

The EQS interior via CNET


The EQS comes with a 56-inch hyper screen. It features a fingerprint scanner that activates each driver’s profile, the popular “Hey Mercedes” voice command system, and an augmented reality navigation system. Driver assistance technology like the self-parking assist and adaptive cruise control are present in the luxury EV. Other assistance technology includes standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, standard lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist, standard blind-spot monitoring, and so on. 


Mercedes EQS EV via MotorTrend

With these specs, the German auto magazine Auto Motor und Sport tagged the Mercedes Benz EQS EV as “the best electric car in the world”. The magazine also had this comment in it: “The engineers have given everything to be as comfortable, economical, efficient and contemporary as possible,” as well as “Does that mean that electric pioneer Tesla is beaten? Simple answer: yes. That is exactly the direction in which electro-mobility must go.”

about the mercedes EQS EV

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