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5 Affordable Middle Class Cars


Let’s face it, we cannot all be an Elon Musk, Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos in terms of finances. Different people have different income ranges, and as such, this determines and directs the standard of living of individuals. Our society is divided into the lower class, middle class and upper class, based on income and finance. 

Car manufacturers know this, and as such they have different cars for each financial class. This is the reason why Volkswagen can have a Bugatti as one of their brands, to cater for the high networth individuals, and have the Volkswagen Golf GTI to cater for the younger generation with a limited supply of money. 

Everyone deserves a good life, regardless of how much they earn. This post contains a list of 5 affordable cars that are readily available for the middle class citizens. These cars have a reasonable price tag, and because they are available all around, their spare parts are easily accessible and are averagely priced. 

1. Toyota Corolla:

toyota-corolla-affordable-middle-classThe Toyota Corolla is an excellent compact middle class car in the US, in Nigeria, and all around the world. It has a reputation as the most sold car in the world. It is durable, reliable, and most especially fuel efficient. In Nigeria for example, the Toyota Corolla is the most populous private car on the road, this means it has no problem with replacement parts. As at November 2021, the starting price of a used Toyota Corolla was about 1.2 million Naira. 




2. Honda Accord:


The Honda Accord has been a major contender in the middle class market over the years. The Honda Accord is affordable, comfortable and still gives that fierce expensive look. The interior is made of high quality materials, giving an enjoyable feel to the driver and its passengers. Older models of the Honda have faced issues with the removal of their front wheels, however, with caution and adequate maintenance, that would not be a problem. 




3. Toyota Camry:

toyota-camry-class-middleToyota Camry’s different variants make it a good choice among middle class individuals. The Camry is similar to the Corolla in engine design and capacity, but differs in size. The Camry is generally bigger than the Corolla. Like other cars on this list, it’s parts are readily available, and at affordable prices. The price of a used Toyota Camry in Nigeria starts at 1 million Naira, depending on the model. 





4. Honda Civic:

honda-civic-class-middleHonda Civic is another affordable car for the middle class citizens of the society. The Civic is packed full with features beyond its pay grade. It comes in a small, but effective sizing, aiding its fuel economy. Being a Japanese built car, it is reliable and easy to maintain. For car enthusiasts, it is easily customizable into a performance car that produces more power, for half the cost of a factory-built performance car. 





5. Volkswagen Golf:

Volkswagen-Golf-class-middleThe entire Golf series; Golf 3, 4, 5, and 6 are great buys. They are small, compact and capable of great handling on the road. It was built to be rugged and strong. It is also very fuel efficient and affordable. Its parts are readily available and cost less when compared to highly priced cars.




Middle class citizens can also enjoy the good things of life, and drive good cars. The cars on this list may not be Lamborghinis and Bugattis, but they are capable of stylish and comfortable travel for middle class citizens and their families. 


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