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5 Benefits Of Rotating Tires

Your tires are the contact points that your car has with the road, and such should be taken great care of. A part of the care for your car tires includes the rotation of tires at intervals. Many car owners are not aware of the benefits of rotating your tires, and this article is for you. Read further to identify the benefits of rotating your tires regularly. 

Tire rotation should be ideally carried out between 3000 and 5000 miles. Tire rotation usually involves the translocation of tires from places of stress to other places to allow for normal wear of your tires. Rotating your tires have several benefits ranging from maximizing your tire life, to handling effectively, and everything in between. Here are five of the benefits. 


1. Maximize your tire life:

tire-maximize-fuelCar tires are more stressed in some positions than others. For a front-wheel drive, for example, the tires in front are usually more stressed than those at the back. If they are being continually used, some can wear out, while the others still have a long life before them. Generally, it is advised to rotate your tires in an X format. Doing this regularly can keep only one set of your tires from wearing, maximizing the lifespan. 




2. Fuel efficiency:

Badly fitting tires or the wrong size of tires can cost you more fuel in the process. Fuel efficiency is closely related to the state of your tires. Regular tire rotation keeps your coefficient of friction low, allowing your car to make use of as little fuel as possible. Allowing the tire to wear evenly will give it stability and traction in the process. 



3. Handling and performance:

Stability and traction are the key contributors to the handling of a vehicle. Since stability and traction are affected by the state of your tires, regular rotations can help you gain high levels of handling and maneuverability. Inappropriately wearing tires can also cause the performance of the car to drop drastically. 





4. Save money:

Regularly rotating your tires can cause you to save money in different ways. You get to save money on petrol, you get to save money because rotation helps the tires wear at the same time and last longer. It also saves you a lot on wheel balancing and alignment. 




5. Safety:

Regularly rotating the tires reduces the risk of having a tire blowout drastically. A tire blowout from weak tires is a common experience when tires are not rotated often, or there is a weak link in the mix. A blowout, in most cases, can have very fatal consequences. Regular rotation can keep you safe from tire blowouts. 



When rotating your tires, if your spare tire is also of an equal size, you can include it in the mix, to allow them all to wear equally. Carrying out this process will prevent you from having to replace individual tires due to damage, and replace them all at once. 

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