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Ways To Use Your Car As A Leverage For Business Networking

Around the world, your net worth is estimated based on your assets and investments, however, many people are judged in Nigeria based on the cars they drive. So, if so much importance is placed on the car you drive, you must use it to your advantage by using it for business networking.

Say there are two men with the same net worth, one with more assets in real estate and drives a random 2015 Corolla sport, while the other guy does not have a single investment in real estate but drives a 2020 Camry and a 2017 G-wagon. The man who drives the flashy car is more respected and thought to be wealthier than his real estate investing counterpart. 

Many people buy big cars to impress the ladies, stand out among the office staff, and so on. According to research, the car you choose can have a big effect on your potential to find new friends and business “connect”. 

Here are 3 ways to use your car as leverage for business networking 

1. Join a car club:

In Nigeria today, many car clubs exist where you can join based on the kind of car you drive, the year, the model and even the trim. Joining a car club would give you the advantage of relating with others in your car club and move your business forward through networking. 

Photo by Mitch Kemp on Unsplash

2. Attend events in style:

Events are usually organized for the sake of learning and socializing. When you use a big car in Nigeria, it’s way easier to socialize at events because everyone sees you as a rich person and their “Destiny helper”. Events like business meetings, meet and greet, exclusive car rides, and so on. For example, there was a drive exclusive to Mercedes Benz drivers in Lagos in 2020 and it brought many people from different walks of life who drove Mercedes Benz. 

Arrive in style for business networking.
Stepping out of a Rolls Royce via Andy’s Travel Blog

3. Cruise rides:

Go on cruise rides with friends. When you have car friends, you can use five people to take a convoy of five cars five hours away, and feel five times more understood than if you’d spent the whole time in conversation with a full cabin of non-enthusiast passengers. It helps you bond more with the people in question and they could end up being investors in your business, faithful customers, or even business partners. 

Go on cruises for business networking
Photo by Markos Mant on Unsplash

Baseline: For the sake of business leverage, you can get a big official car you would use to attend meetings, meet and greet, and so on just to facilitate your business, it’s a wise investment if you ask me. 

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