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5 Daily Checks for Your Car


It is often said that failure to prepare means preparing to fail. Daily checks for your car can prevent it from breaking down abruptly. When checks are made and a fix or replacement needs to be made, it can be done without the car breaking down at unexpected places, thus reducing the cost of maintenance. 

Owning and driving a car is all fun and games when you think about the style and comfort it offers- for instance, driving to your desired location on your own terms, as against the rigidity the public transportation system requires. On the flip side, however, in terms of maintenance costs, it can be a nightmare, especially when it breaks down abruptly and unexpectedly. 

Speaking about routine checks, some are to be done periodically, while others daily; in the morning before you set out for the day. Granted, it may cost you some extra minutes, but in the long run, would prevent unexpected breakdown. Here are 5 checks you should carry out on your car on a daily basis. 

1. Clean your windscreen:

Cleaning your windscreen may seem pretty basic, but it has more effects than you would naturally expect. Cleaning your windscreen makes it free of dust and haze, therefore increasing visibility. Each journey made attracts dust and dirt to the exterior of your car making it dull in appearance. General cleaning of the car prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt which could harm the car. Legend has it that cleaning your car reduces your fuel consumption. You can try it out to confirm. 

Photo by Andras Vas on Unsplash

2. Belt, tyres and steering:

The belt, tyres and steering are very important parts of a car. Defects in the belts can easily be seen when the bonnet is open and can be scheduled for replacement before it snaps on its own. The pressure of the tyres should be checked to ensure it is fit for the road before setting out. The steering on the other hand is the control of the car, if peradventure it is faulty or has any issues, controlling the car may be difficult or otherwise impossible. 

daily checks

3. Brakes:

The brakes are the most important part of the car in terms of safety. The brakes help to bring the car to a stop. It is important to note that there are no leaks in the brake fluids, the brake pads are intact and the brakes are active before setting out on the days’ journey. Inadequacies in the brakes can have very fatal consequences. It is also important to learn how to bring your car to a stop in case your brakes fail abruptly, depending on your drive train. 

daily checks
Photo by Benjamin Brunner on Unsplash

4. Fluid Levels:

Fluids play an important role in the optimal performance of the car. Fluids present in the car include engine oil, coolant/antifreeze, windscreen washer, brake fluid, power steering oil among others. It is important to check their levels and add to them if need be. If there is a constant decrease in any of the fluids, there might be a leak somewhere in the system and needs to be fixed. 

daily checks
Checking car fluids via YourMechanic

5. Wires and warning lights:

The electrical system of the car is important for the smooth running of the vehicle. Rodents, rust and oxidation of some wire surfaces can prevent the smooth running of the car. Warning lights on the other hand are lights in the dashboard that give information about possible problems the car may be facing, like engine oil pump lights, fuel indicator, check engine light, traction control, battery check and so on. It is also important to note and replace faulty bulbs in the indicator system. 

Warning Lights via Motor Trend

In conclusion, daily checks help your car last longer. It also helps reduce the cost of unwanted and unplanned repairs.

Routine checks for car maintenance
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