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7 Things to Know about an Autosparkle Car Interior Detailing Treatment

When looking for the best care as per detailing for your car’s interior in Africa, you can be sure to look no further than an autosparkle treat. Autosparkle offers thorough interior cleaning services on cars. It is more than a car wash.

Want to give your car a fresh look on the inside again? Then your car needs to get autosparkled.

Because each customer’s needs are unique, Autosparkle takes the needed time to restore the overall interior look and feel through:
Vacuuming – Seat treatment – Stain removal – Conditioning of surfaces & More.

Waterless car cleaning and wash in Lagos
Currently serving the Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Ajah areas as a mobile unit.

We come to serve you conveniently at your preferred location. We currently cover the Island part of Lagos and services are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Intending car lovers can simply send a direct message on Instagram or chat with a care assistant on Whatsapp right away. Another option is to call 09083519800.

So, there are some key things to expect from an Autosparkle experience for your car.

7 Things to Expect from an Autosparkle Detailing Experience:

1. Door panels get their original colour back with a new shine.

Hyundai accent cleaned in Lagos
Shoe stains and discoloration removed from Hyundai door panels
Thorough car cleaning and washing in lekki
Honda Accord’s door colour restored

We also deal with the dust hiding around the buttons and handles on your doors.

2. Your leather seats regain their original colour and are nourished back to a cool look.

Leathers are not meant to be shiny and unnecessarily darker than when the car was bought new. We remove the sand between the joints, the stains within their pores and condition them afterward.

mercedes benz best care
Benz leather seats colours restored and stains removed
Benz detailing by auto detailing giant autosparkle
Mercedes Benz E320 4matic leather seats restored

3. We vacuum the boots out and remove stains to the smallest corner.

You may not see it, but we go where your eyes normally won’t. Be it under or above the boot cover, we clear out the dirt and make it the cosy place it was designed to be.

Mercedes Benz ML 350 boot cleaned thoroughly by autosparkle
Mercedes Benz ML 350 boot cleaned
lexus detailing by best car wash in africa
Boot of the Lexus RX330 refreshed with stain removal

4. We clean the steering from accumulated dirt.

The steering you drive with everyday needs to be clean. Our hands accumulate germs daily and are passed on to our steering without knowing. An autosparkle treatment battles these germs out of your wheels.

Benz ML 350 steering detailed from accumulated dirt_best car wash
Benz ML 350 steering detailed from accumulated dirt
Mercedes benz steering wheel cleaned from dirt_
Mercedes benz steering wheel cleaned from dirt

5. No more sand and dust in hidden corners of your car’s interior.

We get to every nook and cranny of the interior. This includes under the seats and more.

Boot area under the seats vacuumed
Boot area under the seats vacuumed
Floors of the Kia Sorento vacuumed to the last edge.
Floors of the Kia Sorento vacuumed to the last edge.

6. We give your headliner the best care without water.

Prevent your roof from sagging with a waterless care method from us. Washing the headliner with water weakens the adhesives holding it to the roof, thereby sagging after a while. Prevent this by engaging our waterless treatment. It is the best option available.

cleaning the roof of a car by autosparkle
Roof cleaning is part of our car interior detailing package.
Benz roof cleaned and detailed by autosparkle
Stains removed from roof without water

7. We give your dashboard the right treatment based on its kind of material.

Not all dashboard surfaces have the same material and are not meant to be treated the same way. We understand this and use the suitable conditioners for your particular vehicle.

The rich lustre of the Hyundai ix35 restored after an autosparkle

Dashboard and glove compartment area cleaned before conditioning
Dashboard and glove compartment area cleaned before conditioning

Are you still reading? No, you should stop right there and just go ahead to make your bookings right away. See all the things possible on your car’s renewal from an Autosparkle experience by downloading our NEW BROCHURE now. Also read our CUSTOMER REVIEWS to see what other people who have taken the leap had to say.

To see a good number of our wow works, you should head over straight to our INSTAGRAM PAGE

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