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5 Ways to Cope with Mechanic Stress in Nigeria

If there is one thing we can’t avoid as Nigerians, it is stress from Mechanics. Sadly, many times we see the problem with a car as minute and will only take a few minutes to get fixed at the mechanic workshop, unknown to us that it would take forever. 

Waiting Chair via Alfim Furniture

It is a fact in Nigeria that in any waiting room where you find this chair, you must be prepared to wait forever. If this chair was present in mechanic workshops, maybe our minds will be more prepared for the stress ahead. 

Mechanic stress is not limited to the time wasted at the workshop, it also includes the possibility of getting ripped off by roadside mechanics, where they fix cheap and substandard parts as a replacement, or the possibility of discovering multiple problems, say you set out to change your brake pads, you may discover that you have other things to fix too.  

Here are 5 ways to help you cope with the crazy stress Nigerian mechanics give you:

1. Run diagnostics:

Running Diagnostics on a car can reveal a number of problems associated with your vehicle’s engine and transmission, oil and fuel tanks, exhaust system, etc. This helps you to know what exactly the problem or problems are and avoid numerous trial and error procedures. 

Run diagnostics to avoid Mechanic Stress
A Technician looking beneath the hood of a car via Ford

2. Prepare your mind:

It’s way easier to cope with anticipated stress. When you have it somewhere within your subconscious that this trip to the mechanic workshop will most likely stress you out, it helps to actually cope with the stress. The whole idea is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst at the mechanic workshop. 

3. Get busy:

If you have plans of monitoring the fixing process at the mechanic workshop, it is advisable to get busy with something while the mechanic does his work. It could be sorting out your records, reading a blog post, taking an online class, going through your mail, and many other activities you can do while the fixing process is going on. It won’t be regarded as much stress if it’s filled with productivity. 

Keep busy to avoid Mechanic Stress
Someone Reading via Lifehack

4. Use trusted mechanics:

I think this is the most important point- Using trusted mechanics. Trusted mechanics maybe a little more expensive but will be worth it. Trusted mechanics who will be plain and transparent to you while giving you the best of services. Speak to other car users, especially those of your specific model, and get to know their mechanics and use them, instead of trying many trial and error methods. 

Use a trusted Mechanic to reduce Mechanic stress
Photo by Sten Rademaker on Unsplash

5. Use popular brands

Using popular brands of cars means that many other people use them too, and there are more trusted mechanics out there to handle your car with care. This would further reduce the stress of having to deal with a quack and unqualified people handling your car. 

Photo by vishal bonthapally on Unsplash

With these few steps, it won’t totally take out the stress of dealing with mechanic stress but it will be greatly reduced

5 Ways to Cope with Mechanic Stress in Nigeria

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