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Free Waterless Car Wash from Autosparkle to GoMyWay ride sharers in Lagos

Cleaning waterless

GoMyWay, Nigeria’s No. 1 innovative car pooling service partnered with Autosparkle, Nigeria’s No.1 Mobile Waterless Car Wash to run its biggest RideShare giveaway in the our SHARE-A-RIDE promotion. In the promotion which held between 8TH FEBRUARY TO  18TH MARCH, 2016, every member (both car owners and passengers) gets to win amazing valuable prizes.

As a car owner, who either simply posted ride offers or shared a ride with someone, you get to win all-expense paid carwash from Autosparkle


Free Car Wash Service (Exterior + Quick interior cleaning) When You:

– Post a minimum of 20 Intracity ride offers on the website.


– Post a minimum of 6 interstate/Long distance ride offers on the website.

All-expense Paid Intensive Car Wash Service (Exterior + Deep Interior Cleaning) When You:

– Share a ride with other members  2-10 times within a city


– Share your interstate trips with other members 1-4 times

As the promo has ended, we have started redeeming the washes to the winners in the Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Ajah areas of Lagos.

Watch out for more partnership promos from Autosparkle and her partners.

Want to understand the GoMyWay concept? See the summary:


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