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5 Interesting Ways To Increase The Resale Value Of Your Car


Cars are very interesting pieces of engineering to use, and like every other engine, depreciation occurs over time. With use, wear and tear become the order of the day. But what happens when you want to resell your car and the price has depreciated? Before you put your car on the market for resale, read on to find out how to increase the value.

As much as depreciation is a normal thing in cars, some cars age faster than others, some have a higher resale value than others. A number of factors also affect the rate of depreciation, like weather, road conditions, the type of car, handling, and so on. Resale value most times are dependent on what the eyes can see on the car that’s why it is best to make it super appealing to the eyes. 

Here is a rundown of five ways to increase the resale value of your car:

1. Fix dents and scratches

Dents and scratches are almost inevitable when used cars are concerned, and these reduce the value of the car when trying to sell it. Multiple dents and scratches give the impression that the owner of the car had not managed it properly. To bump up the resale value to a reasonable extent, a certain degree of bodywork can be carried out on the car to fix the dents. The car is then painted. Only a few people can resist a newly painted car with no dents on the body when looking for a second-hand vehicle. 

increase the resale value by fixing dents
Dented car via NewsWheel

2. Replace your tyres

Ideally, a new set of tires should be changed after about 50,000 kilometers, however, depending on your location and road conditions, it may not be up to 50,000. As stated earlier, resale value is usually based on what the eyes can see. Your tires are the only point of contact between your car and the road, if it looks a little dull and worn-out to the eyes, the car will be perceived as dull and worn-out to the prospective buyer too. If you don’t have sharp tyres, it’ll be in your best interest to change them so your car is not perceived as old and worn-out. 

Increase the resale value of your car by replacing your tires
Changing tires via Bolt

3. Drive conservatively

Depreciation in the value of a car is directly proportional to the level of care the driver applies in moving the car. If you drive conservatively, your car will be less prone to repairs and reduction in value. If you’re a rough driver, however, you’d weaken the chassis, body mechanics, you’d put a strain on the car as well as exposing yourself to a risk of collisions. Driving conservatively will help maintain the value of your car. 

Drive conservatively to increase the resale value of your car
Photo by why kei on Unsplash

4. Documentation

Up-to-date and complete documentation of your car will give you leverage when bargaining the price of sale. Leverage in this sense translates to thousands of Naira to your side of the bargain. Completing your documents would cost you not so much and will turn out to give a high return on investment when the car is finally sold. 

get your car documentation up to date
Car documents via Know

5. Make it clean

Everyone wants a squeaky clean new car. A complete inside-out washing and steaming would give your car a high resale value. Do you know what would give your car the highest value? Detailing. Yes a complete detailing of your car, just like the one Autosparkle does would put your car on the highest level of value. Autosparkle details your car thoroughly by going into the smallest of crevices to make your car clean and appealing. What’s more? They do it waterlessly, cutting the cost of water, preventing pollution, and saving the planet. 

Autosparkle team at work

In addition to all those steps to increase your car’s resale value, deodorize your car and give it this sweet and awesome smell attributed to a new car. A prospect cannot say no to all these.

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