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5 Ultimate Porsche Top Condition Guidelines

If you have recently acquired a Porsche, you need to keep it in top condition always to match that luxury lifestyle of yours.

Keeping your Porsche in top condition shouldn’t be such a hassle.

– Autosparkle

Simply stick to these 5 routines ways to ensure your Porsche’s top condition:

1. Follow a maintenance schedule

Regular luxury suv maintenance tips
Car Maintenance Practice for Porsche Owners

If you want your ride to continue being Porsche worthy, you need to regularly service it. Following the recommended maintenance schedule will help keep your Porsche in good condition for a long period of time. We recommend that you get your car checked once in a month to avoid break down.


2. Keep your Porsche in a shed

Porsche 911 in a garage
Two Porsche 911 Turbos in a shed

Exposing your car to excess sunlight can have a negative impact on the body. It is advisable to park cars under a shade during sunny periods.


3. Check fluid levels regularly

porsche 911 engine
Porsche Carrera 3.8l engine

Every car uses a variety of fluids to keep its systems working. By checking the fluid of your Porsche, you are not only checking the fluid level, but also their condition, which can help prevent issues and costly repairs further down the road. Regular oil changes are important to ensure your luxury vehicle runs as smoothly as possible.

4. Keep your interior looking fresh

autosparkle detailing porsche in Lekki
Autosparkle Team at work

After investing in your dream vehicle, it’s important to keep up the maintenance inside and out to ensure your Porsche stays new. To keep the your interior pristine and premium, we suggest booking an interior session with us.

Autosparkle uses a water-less technology for deep cleaning and renewal of luxury car interior like your Porsche. To see some amazing transformation photos, click here.

5. Protect your body paint

autosparkle prestige nano-ceramic coating on Porsche
Nano-Ceramic-coated Porsche Cayenne via Autosparkle Prestige

To keep your Porsche paint looking good, nano-ceramic coating is recommended. The coat not only makes sure that your paint looks great but it also protects from dust, dirt, minor scratches and other damages while preserving your paint for longer than it would normally last without any kind of protection.

Apart from polishing the body paint in its signature package “SEAL ME” that is followed with ceramic waxing, Autosparkle Prestige has a package called “COAT ME” that adds an extra layer of gloss to its protection component. This nano-ceramic coating option protects your ride for 18 months, making it retain that factory shine. However, there are longer-lasting coating options as well. See more pictures here.

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