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5 Ways to Maintain your Car’s Leather Surfaces

No doubt, leather surfaces speak luxury when compared to their upholstery counterparts. They look good and are more comfortable to the body during long rides. What’s more? It can resist a high level of stains and does not absorb odors fast like cloth seats. However, this is not a license to spill liquids or stains, as usage over time can make your shiny and lovely leather become really dull. 

A leather interior in good condition can increase the resale value of your car. Leather surfaces in a car are more durable than the cloth counterpart. It is also easier to clean. 

Here are 5 things you can do to keep your surfaces looking good:

1. Clean and condition:

Most often than not, your leather-clad interior contains some degree of dirt. Compounding effort from the dirt contributes to a more dull-looking leather surface. This occurrence is common on the dashboard and other surfaces that do not have much contact with people. Many times, the leather on such a surface dries out, leaving it unattractive. To deal with this, regular cleaning and conditioning is required to put it in good condition. 

Photo by Flavien on Unsplash

2. Avoid UV radiation:

The easiest way to dry out your leather thereby making it unattractive is to expose it to UV radiation from the sun. This occurs during long parking periods under the sun. These surfaces contain natural oils that make the surface soft and flexible, however, on exposure to extreme UV radiation, it tends to dry out and begin to break. This can easily be avoided by parking in shady areas or covering your windscreen when you park in the sun.

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

3. Moisturize your leather:

Peradventure your leather surfaces dried out already or is on the verge of drying out, advances in science and chemistry have made it possible to revive your leather surfaces using a particular moisturizer. These moisturizers are to be used with great care or preferably left to the exclusive use of professionals to prevent causing irreparable damage. 

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

4. A stitch in time saves nine:

This is an age-long idiom that means fixing a problem now can prevent it from being a full-blown problem in the future. Due to usage, wear and tear become a normal thing for leather. A “minor” cut in your leather surface can lead to a rather big and wide tear that would need you to replace the leatherwork entirely. Fix the cut in the leatherwork and other mayhem that may befall your leather surfaces on time to prevent total damage to your surfaces. 

Old leather upholstery via iStock

5. Employ professional services:

This is the singular most important way to care for your leather surfaces. Professional services apply many techniques to keep your precious leather surfaces clean and shiny. They employ techniques like vacuum cleaning to remove dirt on the surface, deep cleaning to remove stains, moisturizing to keep it soft and shiny. They also fix cuts in the leather if there are any, among many other care tactics for your leather surfaces. 

The most superior form of leather care is professional services referred to as detailing. Detailing takes cleaning to a whole different level as it is a painstaking process that not only cleans out your leather surfaces but restores them to an almost new condition. 

maintaining leather surfaces
Interior detailing via Autosparkle

Autosparkle offers such detailing services that restore your leather surfaces to an almost new condition. The company offers deep cleaning services, vacuuming, polishing, moisturizing, and detailing services. You should try Autosparkle out to give your leather surfaces the shine they deserve. 

Maintain your leather surfaces

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