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5 Ways to Make Your Car Interior more Attractive.

An attractive car interior should make you feel good about your car, but without proper maintenance, getting into your car can be a chore. Because some of the components are natural materials, they are subject to fading and cracking because of heat and UV rays. Practicing routine maintenance will extend the life of your car interior and keep your car looking factory new and attractive!

Let’s take a look at ways to keep it looking at its best:

1. Vacuum

making the boot of a car attractive

Begin by vacuuming up any loose debris and dirt. If it’s been a while you’ve cleaned, your seats will have certainly picked up some unwelcome travelers and only a vacuum cleaner can get to them. If you can’t lay your hands on a vacuum cleaner, it’s better to book a detailing session.

2. Clean regularly

Autosparkle team cleaning car interior

Not all parts of the interior can be cleaned by vacuuming. Cleaning involves removing grime, stains caused by frequent touch, and also faded parts. This process can take up to 3 hours if given to a professional detailing team.

3. Wipe dry

Making the back of a car seat attractive

Interiors can be fragile and require a tender wipe. A clean and dry microfiber is recommended for your interior to avoid a harsh touch that can cause scratches, especially on luxury cars.

4. Never use water

Autosparkle team

Apart from the fact that a car can use up to 23.2 gallons on a basic wash which is a threat to climate change and the earth, using water can also damage your car’s interior. Avoid using water on your car interior, we recommend the only waterless car interior detailing service in the world.

5. Add a fragrance

autosparkle air freshener to make the interior smell attractive

Make your car interior smell nice. This makes it more attractive to people and yourself. Who doesn’t like to take a sweet-smelling car for a spin? Autosparkle leaves a signature air freshener after every car interior detailing session. This nice fragrance is designed for you to enjoy till your next detailing session.

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