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10 Mobile Apps every Car User Should Know About


Mobile apps are making the world increasingly easier to live in. From being able to order rides from your location to your preferred destination or getting food brought to your doorstep. Fitness, productivity, money-making, food recipes, you name it, there are mobile apps for everything, making life easier to live in. 

Car maintenance and safety are not left out of this app economy and so we have put together ten apps every car user should know about. 

1. Carcorder:

This app acts as a recorder for your car. It utilizes the camera of your phone to record trips, it has GPS and routing features as well as over-speed warning features and augmented reality. There are many other apps in this category that can do similar things. 

2. iOnRoad:

This is an augmented reality app that is free to use. It makes use of the camera of the phone, the gyroscope, and GPS to monitor your position on the road. It alerts the driver using audio and visual cues of lane departure as well as potential collisions. 

iOnRoad via NoCamels

3. iCarMode:

The iCarMode works to make you safe by making all your in-car needs like music, navigation, favorite contacts, phone among others easily accessible. It also helps to locate your car in a cramped parking lot as well as give you hints on nearby places. 

iCarMode via Mactrast

4. Dashdroid:

Dashdroid is a super intuitive app that provides safety while driving by bringing up your favorite driving apps like maps and navigation. To aid focus, it silences calls and text messages once it detects you are driving. It has many awesome features like automatically putting on Bluetooth, putting off wifi among others. 

Dashdroid via Free App Hacks

5. GasBuddy:

Gasbuddy has one very simple task; to show you gas stations around you and the cheapest options. It works based on data submitted by users. 

6. Waze:

Waze is a navigation app from Google that provides turn-by-turn navigation and estimated travel times based on data submitted by everyday users. Waze describes its app as a community-driven GPS navigation app and is free to use. 

7. Google map:

Google map is one of the most common and widely used mobile apps as it gives you navigation as well as other important things like gas stations and so on. It also has this traffic feature that alerts you of possible traffic congestion around particular times of the day. 

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

8. Drivemode:

Drivemode like other driving applications makes it easier to access the most important stuff while driving. It supports things like your music player, navigation app, and so on. It also features voice commands for ease of access. 

Drivemode via Google Play

9. HERE WeGo:

This app is similar to other navigation apps like Google map and Waze, however, it functions perfectly offline. It also finds faster and alternative routes in the case of traffic jams. 

10. Simply auto:

This app is a little different from the others we have discussed so far. This app deals primarily with maintenance records, vehicle expenses as well as mileage tracking. 

We all know we should not use our phones while driving; however, we often have legit reasons to use them, say navigation, music, and so on. Many of the apps in this list work by making these features easier to access. 

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