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5 Reasons You don’t Need a New Car Yet

No doubt, there’s this thrill that comes with getting new things. When it comes to getting a new car, the joy is not just for you but those around you too. But this decision cannot be based entirely on the thrill it provides as that would not be a wise purchasing decision. 

Among many Nigerians, especially millennials and car users, the thought of getting a new car or a different one randomly pops into their minds, but how do you know when the time is right to get another automobile? Read on and find out. 

1. Transportation as a service (TaaS)

Transportation as a service is getting really famous among Nigerians, especially millennials. Transportation as a service is based on the idea that an average car spends about 96% of its lifetime parked. For example, for an average 9-5 worker, his vehicle works only when he is on his way to work and back, then maybe another run around during the weekend. For the times when he’s at work, the car is parked, doing nothing. If you live in a town that offers transportation as a service, it’s way easier and more cost-effective to use these services than actually owning a car. If you have these services in your town, chances may be that you don’t need a new car just yet. 

Car hailing services as one of the reasons you don't need a new car
Photo by Victor Avdeev on Unsplash

2. Why exactly do you need a new car?

When thinking about getting a new car, the first thing on your mind should be the need it will meet, as it will determine what type you would get (truck, saloon, or SUV), the condition (new, foreign used, or second-hand) and every other thing about the car. After making your scale of preference and realizing you can make do with what you have at the moment, you can delay getting a new car. You’d be helping to save the planet by reducing carbon footprint and pollution. 

Make a list of the reasons you don't need a new car

3. Cost of maintenance:

The cost of maintaining a vehicle is expensive especially if you want to maintain it at a very high level. Repairs, scheduled servicing, wheel alignment and balancing and all sorts; doing all that is expensive. If you’re not ready for it, it’s better to not go for a car yet. In the end, it might not be about the money, availability of parts is also another factor. 

The cost of maintenance of a vehicle is one of the reasons you don't need a new car
Photo by C Joyful on Unsplash

4. Traffic:

Depending on the city you stay in, traffic may be a reason to not get a car. If you stay in Lagos for example, it could be counter productive to buy a car in some cases. It is way easier to use shared transportation than owning yours. Most millennials do not want anything holding them down, if you’re driving in traffic, you’d be forced to stick with your vehicle till the traffic clears out, but if you’re not, you can drop and take a faster means of transportation-motorcycles. 

you don't need a new car because of traffic
Lagos Traffic via Guardian

5. Self driving future

Self-driving cars are the future; the future is referred to here is not a far-fetched future, the future is now. In a few years’ time, self-driving cars will take over the market and become the order of the day. These cars give you the ability to do other things like checking your mail, replying to messages, and other things on transit. You don’t want to be caught in the loop of “old tech” when the change finally comes. 

Self driving cars as one of the reasons you don't need a new car
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Final thoughts: As good as getting a new car may be, it may be a bad idea at the moment. If considered well, you may realize it is not needed as you thought.

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