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5 Tricks to Restore the Interior of a Fairly Used Car


New car interiors are lush, beautiful, and have this characteristic soothing smell. Usage, like a thief in the night, quickly comes to snatch away the beautiful interior, and soon the once lush and beautiful interior becomes almost unbearable, with patches of discoloration from dust and the stench you somehow cannot find the source. 

Fairly used cars usually have messy interiors, but it does not mean they cannot be restored to being a beauty to behold once again. 

To restore the interior of a fairly used car, the best bet is to employ the services of auto detailing professionals. They have the gift of restoring the interior to an almost new condition. Autosparkle is specialized in transforming the interior of a fairly used car. However, if you plan to go through the processes yourself, here are a few tips you need to know:

1. Deep clean:

Cleaning the interior “normally” would not do in this scenario, you will need to deep clean the interior. Remove all of the garbage, vacuum the carpets and seats, clean the windows, empty out the ashtray, wipe all the plastic surfaces and trim pieces, do whatever needs to be done to get rid of that weird smell, even if it means air drying the car for a couple of days just do it. This will take some time, but will be worth it in the long run. Wash surfaces and materials that need to be washed. 

Man Hoovering Seat Of Car During Car Cleaning

2. Fixes and repairs:

Wears and tears are inevitable when car interiors are concerned, from the armrest to the leather seats and so on, tears are not evitable. Fix up all tears, remember a stitch in time saves nine. Fix your bad window regulator, heated seat, charge up your air conditioner, also replace the dead battery in your key fob. These fixes increase the feel of your interior, making it more comfortable to drive in. 

3. Upgrade your audio:

Audio systems like other technological devices get upgrades every time, giving them higher capability, functionality, and usability. There is a high chance your fairly used car has an old and outdated audio system, to spice up your car interiors you could consider upgrading your audio system. Things like newer navigation, Bluetooth, USB charging for your phone, and Apple Carplay will all make a big change to your everyday driving experience while also making your interior look modern. 

car interiors
Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

4. Polish glass:

Glass surfaces after use for a while tend to get dull with marks from the haze, small scratches, acid rain, and so on. Polishing your glass surfaces can bring them back to life, making them shine and pop once again. 

car interiors
Polishing the glass

5. Carpets:

To upgrade the interior of your car, it helps to get new and high-quality carpets for your car. After deep-cleaning and making required fixes, it only makes sense to fit in a befitting set of foot mats and carpets. 

car interiors
Dirty car floor mats of gray carpet with gas pedals and brakes in the workshop for the detailing vehicle before dry cleaning. Auto service industry. Interior of sedan.

In conclusion, as stated earlier, restoring the interior of a fairly used car is best done by professionals, so consider booking them to renew the interior of your car. Autosparkle specializes in giving premium care to your car interior. 

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