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5 Ways to Keep The Metal Parts of Your Car Rust-freezes


Rust, according to the Oxford dictionary, is a reddish- or yellowish-brown flaking coating of iron oxide that is formed on iron or steel by oxidation, especially in the presence of moisture. Basically, rust refers to chemicals that result when iron reacts with oxygen and water. 

The most comfortable place around you for rust has to be on the metal surfaces in your car

In your car. rusty metals result mainly from high moisture conditions around those parts of your car. Old age, improper covering, and salt could also lead to rusting of the car’s metal surfaces. 

Keeping your car rust-free can help to bump up the resale value for your car because the slightest sight of a rusty spot on your car can drastically reduce the value of your car.

Here are 5 ways to make your car rust-free

1. Wash your car:

Regular washing of dirt off your car and helps to prevent rust. Wash it and hand-dry it often using a microfiber cloth. If you live on a coastline, or it’s winter when salt is used to reduce slippage on the road, thoroughly cleaning the undercarriage would prevent rusting. You can employ the services of professional cleaning services to ensure residues of salt are not stored up, causing the under carriage to rust. 

2. Ceramic coating:

Applying a thin layer of ceramic coating can help prevent rust on your car’s body. Coating your car with wax would require you to renew its coat every few months, however, with ceramic coating, it lasts as long as 3 years in normal temperatures, milder temperatures will make the coat last even longer. It is more powerful, cost-effective, and lasts longer than the average wax. 

Ceramic Coated car via Shutterstock

3. Anti-rust spray:

Rust always has a superpower of spreading along its axis, making it spread across your metal surfaces like wildfire. Once a part of the metal surface of your car gets rusty, if not treated fast, it will continue to spread until it is unusable. Early signs of rust can easily be arrested using the anti-rust spray. To use this spray effectively, clean the surface where rust is present and ensure it is moisture-free, then apply the spray to the area. It is an alternative to waxing or nano-ceramic coating and would last about a year. 

Photo by Dylan McLeod on Unsplash

4. Keep drain plugs clear:

Drain plugs are holes in the body of your car that helps to drain water from rain and wash the car. In some cases, dust particles and debris may clog the plugs, making it impossible or difficult for water to be drained. This process stores up water in the car, making it easier for the metal surfaces to get rusty. You can find these under your car doors and along the edges of the trunk and hood. When next you wash your car, remember to check your drain plugs and if need be, clean them out. 

5. Keep your car moist free:

Moisture, when in contact with air brings about rust. Moisture within the car from spills tends to accumulate, causing the undercarriage to get rusty. To avoid this situation, it is important to wipe out spills in their interior and leave them to air dry. Soaks, when left unattended to become more difficult to cleanout. 

Photo by José Pinto on Unsplash

Rust is a normal thing in cars when cars are neglected, however, when adequate care is taken to keep a car in a good condition, the metal parts can last forever. Paint also protects the car from getting rusty.

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