Celebrities and Luxury Living

5 Most Expensive Cars Commonly Driven by Celebrities

It’s not news that most celebrities work really hard and love to play even harder. One of the things they love to splurge on is cars. Your favorite celebrity probably drives an exquisite machine ordered straight from the manufacturer with very precise details. Most of these cars are so expensive that the price would have […]

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Car Model-Specific Analysis

All about the new Mercedes EQS EV

The luxury German brand has released the new Mercedes EQS EV (electric vehicle) and it is nothing short of a wonder. It was released in two drivetrain options: the EQS450+ which is a rear-wheel-drive trim, producing 329 hp. The other is the EQS580 4Matic, a 516 hp all-wheel-drive electric vehicle.  With the German automakers, we […]

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Electric Vehicle World

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Electric Vehicles Minutes ago

Electric vehicles (EVs) are an emerging trend especially among elites and millennials and are tagged the future of clean transportation. Here are 5 Interesting things you did not know about electric vehicles minutes ago.  1. EVs are cost effective When speaking about cars, cost-effectiveness is always related to fuel economy, but what happens when the […]

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Car Buyer's Guide

5 Reasons You don’t Need a New Car Yet

Among many Nigerians, especially millennials and car users, the thought of getting a new car or a different one randomly pops into their minds, but how do you know when the time is right to get another automobile? Read on and find out. 

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