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5 Funny Things People Sell In Lagos Traffic

Lagos traffic
Aerial view of Lagos traffic

Lagos is the largest city and for that reason, being stuck in traffic tends to happen more often than normal. The fact that it is the most populous city in Nigeria and South of the Sahara, Africa does not help matters. It is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the world and one of the most populous urban areas.

Most people know that Lagos is synonymous with stress. This is mostly due to the fact that out of 24 hours in a day, you may end up spending at least 18 in traffic. No thanks to the number of citizens and car owners. It has gotten to the extent that people would rather use public transport than drive to work. 

While a lot of people consider spending a lot of time in traffic to be tiring, industrious Nigerians have decided to milk the opportunity and use it as an avenue to make more cash on the side. People have resorted to hawking various things in traffic and while some of these things are actually helpful, there are few things that may strike you as funny.

Here is a list of 5 funny things people sell in Lagos traffic

1. Handkerchief

Boys selling handkerchiefs in Lagos traffic
Boys selling handkerchiefs

This is a normal thing because traffic brings heat into the vehicle and people need to clean up their sweat every time. Handkerchief sellers make money in traffic daily. In fact, due to the level of demand for this on the spot, I was shocked when a commuter admitted that someone bought a piece for NGN200 meanwhile this in a normal store a few years back was only NGN50

2. Pajamas

one of the 5 examples of things sold in Lagos traffic
A nightwear

Can you imagine pajamas being sold in traffic? We can only wonder what the seller had in mind before deciding to sell them. It’s funny that people actually buy them mostly because you can negotiate prices with the seller, unlike Lagos supermarkets that have fixed prices. Who doesn’t want more than what was paid for?

3. Picture Frames

examples of funny things that are sometimes sold in Lagos traffic
Picture frames

It’s very common to see frames in traffic. Sometimes, it’s a celebrity, the president or governor’s picture. It might be abstract art or whatever. These things make you heave a sigh of relief in traffic at times.

4. Shoes

Imagine getting a shoe in the middle of Lagos traffic, it’s somehow creative but there are some obvious disadvantages like the fact that there is no location to complain or return if bad. The occurrence of any bad product is a risk the customer has to bear and funny enough, Lagosians are fine with this.

5. Puppies

Very cute puppies
Cute Puppies

While in traffic, some pretty puppies are displayed by a seller. Most of them are bought immediately because of their beauty and attraction. Also, they come at a much cheaper price.


You just have to give it to Lagosians. They are pure hustlers. All grievances aside, Lagos is a wonderful state, an area of business. Everything essential to aid success has been laid down. You just need to research and solve that problem. You don’t just know, maybe cars would be sold in traffic someday. Remember, no limits.

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