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Top 5 Overlooked Car Maintenance Routines that Guarantee Lasting Performance

You take care of your body right? you eat 2/3 times a day, you go for checkups and  get medication when you feel symptoms of illness, you exercise from time to time and you take preventive measures to stay strong and healthy. In the same way your car needs to be cared for properly  if you want it to be safe, dependable and last longer. And because your car won’t take care of itself, the onus is on you the owner to be your ‘car’s keeper’.

We will be sharing a few common mistakes by the average car owner, the cost of these mistakes and what you should do daily, weekly and monthly to keep your car performing at its best.The one ridiculous thing a lot of people do in the morning is just jumping into the car and driving off without checking to see if the car is in a good enough condition to be on the road.

In this post we will be looking at the common mistakes we make daily and more importantly what you can do daily to ensure your car is functioning optimally and not a moving casket.

Check all fluid levels

What you should do before you drive your car in the morning is check the level of all fluids and lubricants, and change or replenish them to make sure they are fresh and filled to the recommended levels to avoid overheating or a failure in performance.

Proper tyre inflation

Many times we play down the importance of a properly inflated tyre, and neglect it as long as the car keeps moving, but do you know this?

An underinflated tyre can cause fuel consumption to increase by six percent and also affect car’s suspension adversely.

So you should check for air in your car tyres before driving at full speed especially if your work place is quite far away from your home, to ensure they are all properly inflated.

Air filter state

Another thing you need to be mindful of is your air filter. You know, they are inexpensive, but when they get dirty they can seriously reduce your fuel economy, and result in a fine for failing a roadside emissions test. Dirty air filters should be removed as soon as possible. It’s an easy job to do but check the handbook if you are unsure, or alternatively take it to a garage

Brake pads check

For your own safety, it’s important to check your brake pads or shoes. These can deteriorate due to being clamped against the disc or pushed against the drum when the brakes are applied. Also check for the fluid leaks caused by damaged brake pipes or worn seals which could result in brake failure.

Avoid the red fuel tank.

It’s cheaper to fill your fuel tank than to allow it to hit red. There’s a fuel pump in the tank that pumps fuel into the engine, if your fuel is almost out, the pump stuggles to pump fuel and ends up picking rusted residue from the fuel tank, clogging your fuel line. Always best to keep your tank filled and topped up when low.

Your car is your most priced possession next to your house, so its your responsibility to do more than just drive it around but take care of it and also PAMPER it if you would. On that, if you reside in Lagos, you can trust Autosparkle to PAMPER that your special ride for you.


See you on our next post, where we will be talking about “safety driving tips”

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