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5 Worrisome Effects of Harmattan on Your Car


Winter is coming! Well for us in Nigeria, it is more like “Harmattan is coming”. As with every phase and season, it comes with different challenges and hurdles we need to overcome. In the rainy season, for example, driving is almost impossible during heavy rain and visibility is usually poor, not forgetting always try to avoid splashing water on pedestrians as you drive through a puddle of water. 

Harmattan comes with a totally different set of challenges. The very cold mornings, freezing in fact, super hot afternoons, the dust and haze that fills the atmosphere, low visibility in the morning, and the fact that your car won’t start on some mornings. Here are 5 effects of harmattan on your car that could be worrisome and how to overcome them:

1. Higher fuel consumption:

Harmattan does not automatically cause your car to start consuming fuel on a higher level, it is more like an indirect effect of harmattan. With harmattan comes dust, lots and lots of it. This dust then blocks the air filter. This in turn reduces the air pressure for the combustion of fuel in the engine which then leads to higher fuel consumption. This can easily be avoided by replacing the air filter just before the start of harmattan and just after harmattan passes by, rather than the usual 6-month regimens. This would help you save fuel during the harmattan season. 

12Photo by Russ Photographer on Unsplash

2. Visibility:

Have you ever had or heard of flights being canceled due to visibility issues? Visibility affects cars too, especially during harmattan when everything looks white and you almost cannot see anything within a 3-5 meters radius. It is advised to not drive in that situation as it could lead to accidents. If you must drive in such situations, ensure all your lights and indicators work appropriately. Use your fog light, headlamp, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals appropriately, and do not forget to use your horn every once in a while. Even though you have powerful night vision and you can see all things, the other drivers on the road may not be able to. To save yourself and your car, be cautious during periods of low visibility. 

Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

3. Non-starter:

During harmattan, we take our bath with a feather-removing grade of hot water, wear 5 hoodies after using aboniki, all in a bit to keep warm. Your car also deserves to be kept warm. When left out in the cold, your car battery would require more current to start up your car. When this current is not available, your car may not be able to start up. A quick solution to this is to park in a warm and covered place or you cover your car with a thick car cover, more like a duvet for cars. 

Photo by Riley Pitzen on Unsplash

4. Dulling of paint:

The large number of dust particles flying around during harmattan resting on the car as well as the hot scorching sun can be harmful to your paint, making it dull and unattractive as time goes by. Washing your car regularly helps to prevent the paint from getting dull. You can also get a coat over your paint from Autosparkle Prestige to ensure your paint does not wear out easily. 

Faded Car Paint via Pinterest

5. Cracks:

The hot scorching sun can lead to numerous unwanted cracks in your car, like cracks in the dashboard leather, cracks in your windscreen, and other glass surfaces. To prevent this, avoid parking directly under the hot sun. It also helps to have your leather surfaces conditioned by Autosparkle to prevent them from giving way under the sun. 

Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

Harmattan does not only affect the human body, it also has tangible effects on your car which can lead to costly repairs, but can be avoided by simple steps. Apply these to your car and let harmattan have nothing on you.


Worrisome effects of harmattan on your car

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