Write for The Autogenie

Write for The Autogenie

Our submission guidelines: What we’re looking for, how to craft your stories, and what we accept for publication

Welcome to Medium’s most active and potentially largest publication on all things automotive. Thanks for your interest in writing for The Autogenie! We’re always looking for new and interesting articles about cars, automotive trends, news and helpful content for car owners around the world.

How can you ease the life of every car owner on Medium with your contributions?

Your article may not be published if you do not read these guidelines and policies for writers who wish to contribute to The Autogenie (TAG) and the Automotive Digest blog.

Submission Guidelines
Failing to follow these guidelines will result in rejection of your submissions.

Valid Topics
Your article must be focussed on at least one of these topics related to cars and the automotive lifestyle:

  • Expert advice on car issues
  • Car news, reviews, trends, stocks, show reports and analysis
  • Automotive lifestyle around celebrities, countries, cities, social class, movies, etc
  • Car or mobility tech
  • Electric vehicles
  • Autonomous or self-driving cars
  • Green tech in and future of mobility (ride sharing, ride hailing, etc)
  • Vehicle model-specific problem and solution analysis
  • Car care and maintenance tips
  • Driver experience stories
  • Road trip adventures
  • Car buyer’s guide
  • Travel guide
  • Vintage cars and rare car facts

Important Note: Your article will be placed on the Automotive Digest blog first, then moved to this Medium publication.

Article Content

  • Articles must be in full and original, we will not accept previously published stories, blogs or other content.
  • At least 700 words of content, full of advice and relatable details/stories.
  • No outright self promotion. However, you add contextual links where they add value to the reader.
  • Multiple outbound links to sources or subjects mentioned within your content.
  • Short sentences and short (1–2 sentence) paragraphs.
  • Subheadings (multiple h2 and h3 subheadings to break up the content)
  • A conclusion (doesn’t have to say “conclusion”) with takeaway points or round ups of the content.
  • It is strongly advised that you are signed to the Medium Partner Program in order to earn from your writing in our publication. Your earning will be yours. We don’t take a share to associate with us. By publishing new articles we attract more viewers, and thereby also provide more views to added articles.
  • In-line with Ad-Free Medium philosophy, please don’t send articles endorsing a particular product. But, it is fine to include links to your other relevant articles.
  • Make sure to check on spellings and grammar. You may like to use the Grammarly browser plugin.
  • Try to include your personal experiences as examples (if relevant) to make it easier to convey your message.
    Some media added (relevant screenshots, stock photos, YouTube video on a topic, gifs of products in use or processes, etc.). The use of high definitions photos will help in making the article more gripping. Please include at least one high definition image and use it as a featured image of your article. It is always good to include the source of used images, to make it immediately clear its licensing requirements.

In general, this info will look like the image in this post with the caption below it in the format below:

[photo by (Name of source) on (hyperlinked website name if relevant)]

Below are some of the sources from where you can get free-to-use images

https://unsplash.com/, Creative Commons by Google, https://www.pexels.com/, https://pixabay.com/, https://www.freepik.com/, StockSnap, Flickr, Burst, The Stocks

Note about The Autogenie:

The Autogenie is a publication of Autosparkle. It is home to extremely helpful, yet entertaining updates about the automotive world. Submitted articles, if accepted, will be published on the Automotive Digest blog first. Then, the article will be published here on Medium. Authors will be attributed and linked by both this publication and the blog.

What Contributors Receive

  1. Your accepted contribution (meeting the requirements mentioned), will be published and shown to the Automotive Digest audience.
  2. An author bio will be given to you with a description of yourself and what you do, a link to that and your social profile links.
  3. The article will also be published here on this publication, opening it up to our community of active readers.
  4. If the content is great, we’ll give you an author profile on Automotive Digest to contribute more posts.

Submission Policies

Failing to abide by these policies will result in rejection of your submissions or termination of your contributing priviledges.

Editors’ Rights

  • We reserve the right to add a byline or blurb about our publication and its sponsors at the bottom of your article.
  • We reserve the right to add our logo to featured images in articles.
  • We reserve the right to request the author augment articles to keep them relevant.
  • We reserve the right to repurpose your contribution to other media types like video, audio, etc, while we may or may not credit you as the contributor.
  • If an author is unwilling or unable to augment articles, we reserve the right to augment content and remove authorship of author if deemed needed.
  • We reserve the right to insert sponsored links in the blog versions of your submission
  • As part of the review process (or later), we may edit/change the text, images, and tags of your articles to improve readability (grammar, formatting, etc.) and its categorization to make it easily reachable to the target audience.

Publication’s Rights

  • We reserve the right to unlist any article published in TAG, or on the Automotive Digest blog, should it infringe on the well being of another individual without notice to the author.


  • Writers who routinely fail to abide by our guidelines and policies will be removed from the publication and banned indefinitely.

How to Submit Articles to The Autogenie
A few important notes.

  • We will not accept articles or stories that are already published on Medium.
  • We will not accept content that has already been published on another website.
  • You may submit a draft on Medium only if you have been accepted as an author. Tags that can be used include but are not limited to:
    Driving, Automotive, Auto, Travel, Driving, Cars, Tech, Technology

Interested in getting your article in front of both The Autogenie and Automotive Digest audience?

Send an email (address listed below) with the following

  • Subject should include the word ‘Contribution’
  • Your name and company/interest you represent
  • The number of words you want to turn in (700+)
  • 2–3 topic ideas
  • One link to past content you’ve written

If these things aren’t in the email, we may not agree to see a draft from you.

To submit your topic idea or article to The Autogenie and Automotive Digest, send an email to theautogenie@myautosparkle.com.

After submitting, please allow up to 3–5 days for your work to be reviewed and added to The Automotive Digest blog. While we usually publish submissions within a day, we sometimes get backed up for many reasons.

We appreciate and look forward to publishing your submissions, but if your article is not accepted, you likely did not abide by one or more of our guidelines.